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Administration And Updates
CHECK IN HERE FIRST!!!! Check here frequently for updates. If you've been gone for a while, CHECK HERE!
Newbie Forum
FAQ in here. All newbies click here. Create a new post and introduce yourselves to us!
Posts from the old forum.
Blah Blah Blah
If it doesn't fit anywhere else, put it here.
School Related
Everything school.
Religion & Spirituality
Formerly called the "Bethelites" section, here is a place to discuss all things spiritual or religious or churchy.
The Epics
Lord of the Rings
Do you know who Morgoth was? Or perhaps you know why Leonard Nemoy's name is in this description. Then this is the place for you!
Star Wars
How do you tell the difference between male and female wookies? If that interests you, visit here.
Harry Potter
WARNING: SPOILERS. Welcome to Strogie's house of Magic and Wizardry.
The Chronicles of Narnia
All discussion concerning the books, movies, and yes, those old BBC episodes, goes here.
Literary Discussion
Everything lit except LOTR, SW, HP, and CoN.
Forum Gaming
Forum gaming here.
Everything from the Eagles to P.O.D. and everything in between.
For all discussion of movies: from their pitch, into production, and public release.
All things TV.
PC and Platform Gaming
NES, SNES, N64, Gameboy, GB Color, GBA, DS, Cube, Wii, PS, PS2, PSP, PS3, X-Box, X-Box 360, Genesis, Dreamcast, and PC; it's all here.
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